Top 3 ways to grow your Online Store

We are getting ready to release a NEW course in the Fashionpreneurs Lounge, and wanted to share a little bit about the course with you. In this course we are going to be breaking down the top 3 ways you can go about growing your online store

  1. Increase Your Customers: In order to grow your business, you are going to have to get new customers to increase your sales. It becomes a numbers game, you have to map out growth strategies for how you are going to get new customers and create a goal for how many you would like to get weekly, monthly or quarterly. The first place to start is to go back and see what has worked for you in the past and then do more of that. Within the course we are going to explore several things you can implement to increase your customers

  2. Increase your customer order value: Now that you have customers, the best way to make the most out of them is to increase their add to cart value. By doing this you are able to get your customers to spend more than they intended to, which helps you get more sales. We will be diving into 4 ways you can do this within the course.

  3. Increase your customer order frequency: A lot of times we worry about finding new customers without getting our recent customers to visit us more and spend more money. Determine how often you expect a customer to make a purchase from you each year and make plans around how you are going to get them to come back during those time frame. Within the course we talk about the 4 things to keep in mind to make this happen!

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Sunday Reflection – Are your thoughts aligned with your words?

Happy Sunday Fashionpreneurs!

I am a huge fan of self-reflection, it is important to me to always look inwards. In this video, I talk about how the things we think about the most tend to manifest even when we are trying our best to work things out.

If we don’t believe in the work we are doing, it not only shows in the results of our work; it also manifests in how we talk about it.

I share my realizations in this video and would love to hear your thoughts.



Creating With Purpose Recap

Hey Fashionpreneurs! 

I hope summer has been good to you! I know this is the time things whine down and I am hoping that even in your downtime you are enriching yourself in some way shape or form. I wanted to do a brief recap of our June topic “Creating with Purpose” if you did not get to check it all out hopefully this gives you a good ideas on the purpose for this.

We discussed 

1. Revisiting Our Why
2. Redefining our Customer Experience
3. Realigning with our End Goal 

Revisiting your Why: Reconnecting with the reason you started your business is usually the best way for you to understand where you are now, how far away you may have strayed from your original purpose, and what needs to be improved at this very moment.

Redefining your customer experience – A lot of business owners have forgotten who they set out to serve some have been carried away by trying to copy their competitors or jumping from one idea, trying the next “sure fire strategy”. They do all of this and lose their authenticity along the way. They forget who they are and who their customers are and that causes a disconnect. Redefining your customer experience allows you to always put the customer first making sure that everything you put out is consistent and they always have a consistent experience with you.

 Realigning with your End goal – This the biggest WHY! This is why you are doing everything you are doing today, because there is a BIG goal you are trying to achieve. Having the big goals and breaking them down into actions helps you achieve the goals you set out to accomplish.

There is a video for each of these that goes deeper into the conversation. Subscribe to our Network HERE, Head over to to the topics, Go to creating with purpose and catch up on all the videos.

I will be announcing our focus for July this afternoon in the app!! What do you think about this recap? what did you get out of it?


I’ve recently been obsessed with the idea of “Purpose” the idea that EVERYTHING created has a Purpose behind it. Even the tiniest can things have Purpose attached to them. 

Yet, a lot of people create things with no Purpose or intention behind them. We have people creating because they saw others creating something similar.

We are slowly losing our originality because we are chasing the next best thing, some are impatient and jumping from one idea to the other without giving any of them their best shot.

There is nothing wrong with owning multiple businesses, but you can’t expect 10 businesses to all work when you didn’t work on 1 long enough for it to take off.

After praying for some clarity on God’s plan for my community this summer, “Purpose” seemed to be the key word and eventually “Creating with Purpose” became the theme. When you create with purpose, you start to attract the people you were called to serve with that purpose.

EVERYTHING you do as a business owner should serve some kind of purpose and once you start putting stuff out there with no real purpose, or because that is what you see your competitors doing, you are no longer aligned.

This #summer I’m excited about the idea of going back to the foundation. Oftentimes we get caught up with the way other people are doing things, or chasing the next best thing that we lose focus and forget the real reason we started on our current path.

The goal this summer is to get realigned with our #Foundation and #Create with Purpose moving forward. Excited about taking on the video series with my #community.


6 Things Fyre Festival taught me about Business

If some of you have been paying attention to social media you may have seen A lot of buzz around the FYRE Festival documentary. If you do not know what that is about, let me explain.

The Fyre festival was supposed to be an exclusive event where “rich millennials” fly out to Pablo Escobar’s island to experience a concert from A-list artist. party with models, celebrities and other rich people. Well, tickets sold out fast start at about $2,000 all the way up to $200,000 only for things to end up going south.

When I watched the documentary, I at first couldn’t decide if Billy McFarland was a fraudster or a genius; I will leave you to make that conclusion for yourself. Right now it is being dubbed as “the greatest party that never happened.”

As ridiculous as the whole thing played out, I couldn’t help but try to relate it to real life business scenarios so I wanted to share some of my takeaways.  Here are 6 things Fyre Festival thought me about running a business. (if you haven’t seen it, apologies for any spoiler alerts)

1. Understanding your audience is the single most important thing you need for a successful business – If you pay attention to the story and how he started, you will realize that everything he did was out of a place of trying to fill a need he saw for “rich millennials”.  With Magnese, he was trying to create “community and exclusivity” and with the festival, he played on his audience FOMO and need to fit in. He was very in-tune with their likes and dislikes and was always able to communicate the holes he was filling. A lot of times people rush into businesses without understanding who their market is and then wonder why they are selling to crickets. If you are trying to save money down the line, start with market research and understand your market before you jump in. This is what will drive your marketing (copy, visuals, story, etc).

2.  You don’t have to be a genius to do marketing right – Although Billy was a good salesman, he also understood the concept of “outsourcing”. he hired one of the most successful viral marketing agency, told them what the idea was and allowed them to take care of social marketing. When Billy’s campaign went live, he sold out in a matter of days because they understood disruptive marketing. As business owners, sometimes we want to do it all ourselves; and I get it the budget may not be there and so you try to wear all the hats. The problem with that is that if you are not good at marketing and word of mouth doesn’t kick in immediately, you will struggle for a long time. A marketing budget is essential. My advice is to put something aside no matter how little and then outsource your marketing if you need to. If marketing is your jam, the outsource something else that is taking your time.

3. Influencer Marketing is King when done right – The Fyre Festival sold out in a matter of days and all they did was influencer marketing. Granted they used Bella Hadid, Kylie Jenner, etc the key is that they used a disruptive strategy and got Influencers to push it. Influencer marketing is one of the most organic ways to get your business in front of your audience which ties back into number 1 ( understanding your audience). The only way to get your products in front of the right audience is to get it in the hands of the right influencer.

learnwithcaris helping coaches with clients and leads

Shopify is breaking up with MailChimp and here are 5 alternatives

Hey there Fashionpreneurs!

As some of you may know, MailChimp and Shopify are parting ways this means you have until MAY 12 to find an alternative and switch. 

Why are they breaking Up?

Although there seem to be some other undisclosed reasons as to why this breakup is happening the only one that we are all aware of is that Shopify wants all your customer information to be saved in one place. What this means is that if people sign up to your email list or purchase a product from you, all that information should “belong to YOU & Shopify”. MailChimp thinks it should “belong to YOU and stay with them” and both of them can’t seem to agree on that. They both say they are trying to do what’s best for customer privacy but can’t seem to find a middle ground.

Well, what does this mean to you? If you decide that you want to Keep MailChimp, you are going to have to integrate with 3rd parties to get both platforms to communicate with each other. As we all know, we as business owners already have a lot going on. This is going to be adding more to your plate.  So we reached out to some companies who after much research we have found to be appropriate alternatives for MailChimp. We asked them 2 questions in hopes that their answers will help you decide the best option for you.


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Why would SmartrMail be a good replacement for MailChimp?

For merchants looking to get more sales for their stores, switching to SmartrMail is a huge upgrade. We’re solely built to generate more sales for e-commerce users, with powerful features like automated product recommendations, Shopify-specific segmentation options, and built-in flows.

Our pricing is a lot more inline with MailChimp’s compared to other available options, learn more HERE

Why doesn’t the change in Shopify policy affect SmartrMail?

We’ve always worked closely with Shopify when it comes to implementing new features like billing, marketing activities, and new policy changes. We’ve found all their changes are always in the best interests of the merchant.

While there were a handful of factors that lead to the MailChimp and Shopify break up, the one publicized was that MailChimp didn’t want to send subscriber information back to Shopify.

In our opinion, we think this new requirement is fair as merchants use many apps and market across multiple channels. With new GDPR regulations, keeping opt-in information in-sync with Shopify as a hub is a necessity.

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Why would Omnisend be a good replacement for MailChimp?

For those who are used to working in Mailchimp, Omnisend will feel like home. Our drag and drop visual email builder allows you to create beautiful emails in minutes. Omnisend’s builder also includes a few e-commerce-friendly features, like our Product Picker, which allows you to pull products directly from your store and add them to your campaigns. 

Omnisend also takes marketing automation so much further than Mailchimp does. With robust, yet user-friendly automation workflows that can automate several of the channels you’re already using: email, SMS, Facebook Messenger, push notifications, WhatsApp, Viber, and many more. 

Omnisend is not truly a replacement for MailChimp, but more of an upgrade. And we’re not the only ones who think so, we’re top rated in the Shopify App Store, with hundreds of happy former-MailChimp customers who have already migrated to Omnisend.  

A feature for feature Omnisend vs. Mailchimp comparison can be found in our blog. 

Also, we have prepared a comprehensive resource hub for all MailChimp migration-related questions –

Why doesn’t the change in Shopify policy affect Omnisend?

Shopify requires its app partners to share data back through Shopify’s API so that the merchant has access to it. MailChimp refused to do this, locking down their data and not releasing it anywhere but on Mailchimp’s dashboard. Shopify and MailChimp couldn’t come to an agreement on the matter, so they announced their split on March 22, 2019. 

How can we be sure that Shopify’s policy won’t affect Omnisend? Because we have no problem sharing the data back to the merchant through Shopify’s API. We agree that the merchant should have access to the data that helps them back better decisions about their business, and sharing that data to them only makes sense for us.  

We’ve been partners with Shopify for a long time, and we want to keep it that way. We have no plans on discontinuing our collaboration with the e-commerce platform, and we have no issue with their policy. 

If you’re a Shopify merchant and you were using MailChimp, we’d like to offer you a special discount code for Standard and Pro Plans that will give you 50% off for three months, then 20% off for the following 9 months: ShopifySpecialOff50plus20. Use the code while upgrading in Omnisend app. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP (there’s also a free plan)



Why would Marsello be a good replacement for MailChimp? 

Marsello offers email campaigns specifically designed for customer retention, engagement, and loyalty. Our pre-built, automated email flows are proven to deliver fast results, and thanks to a beautifully simple app-design, retailers can set up flows like our ’Thank First-time Customers’ flow and ‘Abandoned cart’ flow with just a few clicks. And we don’t just stop at email campaigns. 

With a fully customizable tiered loyalty program, customer segmentation for targeted marketing, and accurate insights, Marsello offers retailers so much more than simple emails.

Why doesn’t the change in Shopify policy affect Marsello? We actually consolidate the retailer’s database of customers no matter where they collected the customer’s details e.g. from making a purchase, through signing up for emails or through social media. We believe the database belongs to the retailer, not service providers. 

Making the switch is easy too, simply add Marsello from the App Store. Check out Marsello’s features for more info, or book a demo with one of our team to get started on a free 14-day trial.  

CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP (there’s also a free plan)



Why would Jilt be a good replacement for MailChimp?

The main difference between Jilt and Mailchimp is our dedication to Shopify. MailChimp doesn’t specialize in anything specific — their platform is made to allow anyone who wants to send emails, for any reason, to do so. And while that’s great for beginners, it means Mailchimp lacks a lot of the features online stores need to grow and succeed.

Jilt, on the other hand, is built specifically for the needs of eCommerce shops. You can send all the automated emails you’re used to — like abandoned cart recovery, thank you emails, win-back campaigns, order receipts, shipping confirmations, and more — but because Jilt pulls in much richer data from Shopify, you can do a lot more with them. Our powerful segmentation engine enables stores to segment their campaigns on a wide range of demographic, behavioral, and order data — more than is available in MailChimp — and our personalization options are much more robust.

Because we’re so tightly integrated with Shopify, we do things that other email marketing providers can’t. For example, you can generate unique coupon codes dynamically for each email, you can drop advanced product recommendations into every email with one click, and you can capture email addresses before checkout.

We have a page about switching from Mailchimp to Jilt that has more information:

We also published a blog post about what sets us apart:

Why doesn’t the change in Shopify policy affect Jilt?

Jilt has been part of the Shopify ecosystem since 2011 and they have been a great partner for us. We maintain a very positive relationship with them, and in fact, Jilt is a recommended email marketing solution in the Shopify App Store. Our goal is to help eCommerce stores grow their revenue through smart email marketing by making powerful, enterprise-level tools available to shops of all sizes. We’re excited to continue working with Shopify to make that happen



If you’d like to pay $10/month vs $24 for Privy, SIGN UP HERE

Why would Privy be a good replacement for MailChimp?

Privy offers Shopify users a great email marketing alternative to MailChimp for those looking to switch for a number of reasons.

1) Our integration with Shopify allows us to send email newsletters and announcements, abandoned cart emails, and order follow up emails to every contact captured via Privy forms AND any opted-in customers captured by Shopify.

2) With Privy’s abandoned cart emails, you’ll reach 5x as many shoppers because anyone who has opted into a Privy form at any time is eligible, not just those shoppers who make it all the way to checkout and enter their email address.

3) Privy’s newsletter segmentation is able to create audiences based on things like the time last seen, order count, current cart value, location, and more instead of relying on static lists. 

4) Privy’s email marketing solution is far more affordable than the competition.

Why doesn’t the change in Shopify policy affect Privy?

Because Privy already has a two-way sync with Shopify, the privacy changes they have made are already accounted for in our integration. We are able to pass new contacts captured in Privy to Shopify and automatically ingest new Shopify customers into Privy. If they have opted in for marketing communications, those counts become instantly mailable within Privy’s email system.

If you’d like to pay $10/month vs $24 for Privy, SIGN UP HERE

How have you been planning for the migration from MailChimp? Did you find a different alternative? If so, share with us in the comments. We tried to find companies built specifically for e-commerce businesses that also won’t break the bank.

Drop a comment and share your decision.


4 ways I got over my fear and drove my business

There’s something about Thursdays and my creative writing juices. I’ve been trying to get a post out all week and it didn’t come until today. 

I want to touch on my experience on breaking away from fear, because if there’s anything I think I have too much of, it’s fear. 

I grew up a “good kid”. I wasn’t always one but I feel like my mom disciplined me to the point where I just always followed the rules and did everything just right. this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, except it sometimes cripples you from doing ALOT. So when it came to running my business, I wasn’t only afraid to start, I was afraid to fail. 

I didn’t want to be that chic who started like everyone else and couldn’t finish, so I convinced myself it was better to play it safe and stick to my 9 to 5.

That was working out fine aside from the fact that I couldn’t keep Porschstores out of my mind. Porschstores is probably the longest committed relationship I’ve ever had. 

In 2013, my friend convinced me to give this idea that was plaguing me a chance to come to life and these are ways I’ve overcome fear each step of the way. 

I Jumped & tried not to drown: In a post before I mentioned how I jumped into Porschstores. Now, I didn’t jump without having some kind of plan or idea. I had everything needed to get things up and running for starters and then every other thing that needed to make the journey smooth still keeps getting added. The thing is, the biggest problem is starting and sometimes we over think ourselves into failure.  Yes, because if you think so much to the point of talking yourself out of it, you’ve failed before even starting. So the key is to start and learn on the job. think about your 9 to 5, you didn’t have 100% knowledge of what you were supposed to do, but you learned on the job. Same goes for your business. 

I built my Confidence: This was actually a fake it till you make it kind of situation. When you’re not confident in yourself, you’ll  second guess yourself a lot which makes you too scared to try anything or take a risk. And if you’re a business owner, you need to be able to take risks knowing that it might not yield anything and still be confident enough to trust your own judgment helps. When I reached out to Vendors or people I wanted to work with, I never reached out like a  scary cat and I never overestimated my business. But what I did do was exude confidence and professionalism. I started dressing like I wanted to be approached, I carried myself like I wanted to be seen. And spoke like my voice mattered. I would talk with so much confidence that you wouldn’t know I was peeing my pants. The results? this started reflecting on my brand and the way people saw it. #MissionAccomplished.

I educated myself: I have taught myself every single thing I know about my business. Studies show that people don’t go past the first page of Google, but I go to the 500th page. I don’t stop till I find what I’m looking for. I test, try, read and ask questions. I don’t know everything, but knowing what I know from educating myself reduces the fear of making tough decisions and makes it a little easier. 

I turned to God: If there is anyone who knows you more than you know yourself, it’s God. And the most amazing thing is realizing that in His eyes you are perfection. And God has not given you a spirit of fear. So every time the devil tries to whisper or every time fear and doubts starts trying to creep in, I remember what God says and believes about me and I literally hold on to that till I believe it. Knowing that God wants you to succeed makes all the difference. That means your hands are blessed and whatever you touch shall prosper. You just need a little faith to believe and it’s yours.

Fear is a crippling bastard. Do you know that 90% of the things you fear are not even real? A lot of times they’re pigments of your imagination which causes you anxiety and cripples your move forward. 

I want to encourage you today to step out of your comfort zone and just jump. Your survival instincts won’t let you drown!

What are some ways you’ve overcome your fears, comment below I’d like to know!


Do these 5 things if you want to fail at your business

I wanted to record this particular topic, but somehow I felt like writing. This is written from experience, I am sharing the mistakes I made which pulled me back so many times before finally getting it right.

Remember that everyone has a different idea of failure so my idea of failure may be different from the next person. Everyone sees my store and everything is set up just great. But there were goals I needed to meet that I was not meeting which made me consider it a failure.

A brief back story, I had the idea for my business in 2010 but didn’t launch Porschstores till 2103. I was a chronic introvert who was literally afraid of everything. When I launched my business in 2013, I practically jumped / pushed myself. The idea was to either drown or learn to swim and I finally did.

Before learning to swim, these are some of the things that plagued me and really stopped me from making progress.

1. I was knee deep in bed with the spirit / habit of comparison: I kept comparing myself to everyone I know who either started before, during or after my launch and literally everyone who had a similar business like I did.It got to a point where I started to feel very insecure and started doubting because I thought I could never do it. I was constantly second guessing myself, constantly beating myself up and constantly getting nowhere. I literally had to pray about the spirit of comparison. I had to understand that everyone is running a different race and that I was in my current season for a reason.

2. I had no clear idea who my target market was and how to reach them: Yooo… I was literally on Instagram (before I lost all 3500 followers) looking at everyone’s target market and trying a different type of marketing every day. there was no uniformity so I was doing things differently each day which just confused my followers.

3. I was taking advice from everyone and their mama: I was drowned in consuming so much content that I had no idea what was actually made for me, so every day I was once again trying something new without waiting for the first one to work.

4. I was not consistent: I was so thirsty for instant gratification that I couldn’t even patiently see something through and would quit even before the results started to roll in. I don’t even know how long my consistency lasted but it was never long enough.

5. I was too stubborn to get help: I was thinking from a small-minded perspective that initially could not understand  why I should pay for anything especially getting a couch. So I attempted to do everything myself, I got burned out angry and frustrated. In 2016, I hired a coach and outsourced as many things as I could.

These are my experiences and it wasn’t until I got confident in myself and stopped looking at the”greener grass” that I started to make some headway. I was so lost  in my sauce that people started telling me how green my grass was beginning to look.

I had to understand it was OK to pay someone who knows what they are doing to take something off my plate. That is the only reason I am able to run my e-commerce site and still run this.

Cliff Notes:

1. Focus on your craft forget everybody else. Know what they’re doing but not to the point of obsession.

2. Know who your market is and figure out how to communicate with them

3. Not all advice is good for your business, Grain of salt.


5. Don’t be afraid to get help when you need.

What are some things that might be stopping you from really moving forward with your business? comment below, I’d love to know!