learn with caris web design service for rejectednot

LWC is focused on helping Authors, Speakers and Coaches sharpen their messages and create a digital presence that helps them connect better with their audience.

When RejectNot came to LWC for a brand revamp, she had a site and a logo that was outdated and had cost her way too much money as shown below

I worked with Ten to revamp her website, her brand as well as Sharpen her message she had multiple projects she was working on and wanted and “online estate” with all the “houses”. These “houses” represented the multiple projects she was working on but she wanted it to b cohesive without confusing the user

She wanted to keep elements of the initial logo but still be modern. Together we worked on creating a newer version of her logo which is how we arrived at the logo above.

While working on the revamp, we worked on her book launch, created a marketing plan, and set up a launch event. LWC also designed the book cover and assisted with co-ordinated logistics for having the book printed.

book cover design for author


After this, LWC went ahead to create a brand new website that embodied everything that Rejected Not stands for.  Our goal for Rejected Not was to clearly connect her Value to her audience and create a Modern looking Brand.

learn with caris web design service for rejectednot